Glamping Holidays

Find Your Wild

Nestled within the embrace of a historic Grade 1 listed, sprawling 1000-acre private estate, lies a hidden gem that promises an unparalleled escape from the ordinary. In a world where campsites teem with activity, our exclusive glamping village stands as a testament to tranquillity and luxury. Picture yourself in a haven of just ten spacious, opulent five-meter bell tents, thoughtfully spaced to grant you the utmost privacy and comfort.


Each of our meticulously designed bell tents offers an oasis of comfort. Every tent is a fully furnished haven, adorned with the finest touches to ensure your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.


Close your eyes and surrender to the indulgence of our sumptuous double bed. Draped with a king-sized duvet, it beckons you to experience a sleep fit for royalty. The night embraces you in warmth and elegance, cocooned in the embrace of luxurious linens.


While our glamping site celebrates the timeless allure of the outdoors, we understand the importance of staying connected. Each tent offers electric power, seamlessly integrating modern convenience into the heart of nature. Charge your devices, brew a morning cup of coffee, or bask in the soft glow of ambient lighting, all at your fingertips.


Step outside your tent onto a charming, decked area, a space crafted for leisurely moments. Here, a tastefully arranged table and chairs await, inviting you to relish meals amidst the natural symphony. And as the sun dips below the horizon, kindle your own fire pit, where stories and laughter blend seamlessly with the crackling flames.

Luxury Glamping Accommodation

Located in a magnificent 6 acre field under the shadows of our Grade 1 mansion house your luxury bell tent looks out onto miles of peace and quiet. A 5 min stroll up hill and you’ll be in the heart of the holiday village where you will find our onsite restaurant Hindelinis. A 5 min stroll in the opposite direction and you’re at our heated outdoor swimming pool. 

Checkin is located at Main Park, within Hindelinis, our on-site Bar & Restaurant.  Once you have your allocation details, we will then direct you to our Glamping Village, and your designated pitch.


Double Bed including sprung mattress
King Size duvet, pillows & pillowcases
2 x Hand towels
2 x Bath towels
1 x Blanket
Camp beds for kids


Kids are incredibly welcome. We provide camp beds but not bedding for kids. There are acres and acres of safe space for them to play in and explore .


Onsite you will see our quirky little shower shacks and toilets that are just a short distance away from your bell tent. These are individual cubicles / stalls for greater privacy and cleanliness.


We supply a small amount of wood for your fire pit, once used you can purchase more wood/kindling from the Texaco petrol station on the main road A59 (BB7 4ES) open 7am-8pm. Please note, we do not provide any fire lighting equipment and all fire pits must remain in the same position as found on arrival.


Your Bell tent comes fully fitted with 2 electrical plug sockets, you will find this at the base of the bed frame on the right hand side.


BBQ’s with charcoal are available to rent from the estate and you are permitted to bring BBQ’s and cooking stoves but these must be safely operated and not installed so as to burn our decking areas or grass. Flagstones are provided for such appliances which will protect the ground and grass. There is a separate WASHING AREA to clean said appliances. 


A £50 security swipe will be taken on arrival. This will be refunded within 7 days assuming your tent and surrounding area is left tidy.

The Estate

Gisburne Park is a 1000 acres of picturesque Ribble Valley countryside, nestled within a grade one listed estate. With so much to do and explore you certainly will not be bored.

Escape to picturesque Lancashire countryside with your family or friends for a luxurious retreat within the beauty of Ribblesdale Park Estate. Nestled within the stunning Ribble Valley, our glorious glamping accommodations redefine the art of camping, offering a perfect blend of luxury and outdoor charm.


Gorgeous Location and Wildlife Encounters


Nestled within the 1,000-acre expanse of Ribblesdale Park, our luxury camping, or glamping accommodations, provides a front-row seat to the embrace of a historic Grade 1 listed building. Wake up to the rustle of leaves and the gentle call of birds and wildlife. As you explore the estate, encounter wild deer gracefully roaming and the brilliant plumage of peacocks adding a touch of vibrancy to the landscape.


Charming Glamping Accommodations


Our glamping


accommodations are a harmonious blend of luxury and nature. Experience the thrill of camping without sacrificing comfort. Thoughtfully designed bell tents await, providing an intimate setting for an unforgettable escape. With a focus on luxury, our tents offer an idyllic retreat for those seeking a unique and refined camping experience.


Luxury Bedding and Comfort for All


Your glamping experience begins with a double bed featuring a sprung mattress, enveloped in the indulgence of a king-size duvet, plush pillows, and pillowcases. We provide 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels, and a cosy blanket to ensure your utmost comfort. For the little adventurers, camp beds are thoughtfully provided, promising a good night’s sleep under the starlit sky.


A Child-Friendly Haven


Families are warmly welcomed, and little ones are treated with special care. While we offer camp beds for kids, we encourage you to bring their favourite bedding for a personalised touch. Acres of safe space invite children to play and explore, creating cherished memories in the heart of nature.


Quirky Shower Shacks and Convenient Facilities


Discover our quirky shower shacks and toilets strategically located near your bell tent. These individual cubicles guarantee your privacy and cleanliness, providing a refreshing and convenient experience amidst the natural surroundings.


Evenings by the Fire Pit


As the sun sets, why don’t you consider embracing the warmth of our beautiful fire pits. We supply a starter amount of wood, and additional wood or kindling can be obtained from the Texaco petrol station on the main road (A59, BB7 4ES) from 7 am to 8 pm. While we don’t provide fire lighting equipment, we actively encourage you to create perfect cosy evenings around the fire, making many memories under the starry skies and enjoying an unparalleled escape.


Electric Convenience


Your bell tent is equipped with 2 electrical plug sockets, located at the base of the bed frame on the right-hand side. That way you can stay connected and charge your electrical devices with ease, ensuring a seamless blend of modern convenience and rustic charm.


BBQs and Cooking Stoves


Embark on an adventure with the option to rent BBQs with charcoal directly from the estate. Feel free to bring your own BBQs and cooking stoves, ensuring safe operation to protect our decking areas and grass. We provide flagstones to safeguard the ground, and a dedicated washing area is available for cleaning your culinary tools.


Security and Peace of Mind


Your peace of mind is our priority. Upon arrival, a £50 security swipe will be processed, refundable within 7 days provided your tent and its surroundings are left tidy. Enjoy a worry-free glamping experience, knowing that your comfort and security are paramount.


Immerse yourself in the luxury of glamping at Ribblesdale Park Estate, where every detail is designed to elevate your outdoor adventure into a retreat of unparalleled comfort and style.


Culinary Delights at Hindelinis Restaurant


As you indulge in the luxury of glamping at Ribblesdale Park, don’t miss the chance to experience the culinary delights at Hindelinis Restaurant. Start your day with a delightful breakfast, savour a leisurely lunch, or unwind with a sumptuous dinner. The restaurant also features a bar, creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxed evening. Elevate your stay with the quintessential British tradition of afternoon tea, adding an extra layer of indulgence to your glamping retreat.


Private Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool


Splash and dive into luxury with our private heated outdoor swimming pool, exclusively available to our glamping guests. Relax in the refreshing waters, surrounded by the natural beauty of Ribble Valley. Whether you seek a morning swim or a leisurely afternoon by the pool, our amenities elevate your glamping experience to new heights.


Dog and Pet-Friendly Paradise


Ribblesdale Park warmly welcomes your furry companions to join in the adventure. Our glamping accommodations are designed to ensure that your pets feel just as at home as you do. Explore the estate together, revelling in the freedom and beauty that surrounds you.



Prices from £299 for 2 nights.