your own lodge

Design your own lodge

Ribblesdale Park has a number of empty pitches upon which you are able to design your own bespoke built lodge and garden. This is a truly unique opportunity and investment. Luxury Lodges for Sale.

Prices start around £240,000 for a bespoke built lodge.

Sizes start around 40 x 20 ft.

We have a long standing relationship with the UK’s leading manufacturer who supply most of our homes.


The build can take anywhere from 3 – 6 months.

At the end of the process we deliver to you a home that’s been specifically designed for your every need with a large decking area, garden and views down the Ribble Valley.

the design

Welcome to Gisburne Park, one of Lancashire’s finest private estates. A 1000 acres of picturesque Ribble Valley countryside, owned and managed by Guy Hindley and family. Nestled within the extensive estate is our magical wedding venue: A hidden valley surrounded by ancient woodland, dramatic cliffs, medieval houses, picturesque bridges and an abundance of wildlife. We believe there isn’t a more romantic place to get married in the UK.

Now available for 2 or 3 day exclusive hire, our elegantly restored valley is the perfect setting for your large or small tipi wedding.


The design and build process is a close collaboration between yourself and the manufacturer to create the perfect home for you. You can design the home exactly as you wish. Once the layout is confirmed then a day in the factory is required to finalize materials and fabrics.

the construction

Our construction starts with a robust hot rolled steel chassis, consisting of two large steel “C-sections” beams with high tensile strengthening beams. Our chassis are heavier than most manufacturers because our construction is heavier and more robust. Our chassis is manufactured in compliance to CP501 as required by the BS3636 (The British Standard for Residential Park Homes). Our chassis will last a lifetime and beyond.

Our roof is constructed using trussed rafters to various designs to enable both flat ceiling roofs and vaulted (or cathedral type) roofs. The rafters have been certified by structural engineers and they are manufactured on site to tight quality standards.


The strength of the overall building comes from the strong tying between the roof, walls and floor. Our structure is all tied together using fixings, glue and cross-bonding with structural external plywood.

This results in an immensely strong structure capable of withstanding huge shear, strain and loads. It is with experience of building and transporting exceptionally large park homes and holiday lodges that we have understood the importance of an integrated structure. The difference to other manufacturers is we are able to consistently build the biggest park homes and holiday lodges in the industry. We are well respected by our long standing clients, who know they can rely of Lissett build quality.

Weight of a home – A typical home weighs at least 20 tonnes.

Insulation in the homes – 90mm Kingspan to walls, 150mm Isowool to the floors and 300mm Isowool to the ceilings.

BS3632 – This is the residential standard for park homes and lodges which Lissett comfortably exceed.

air permeability

The air permeability of a building measures the build quality of the envelope. Air permeability means uncontrolled air leakage through cracks and fissures (even microscopic cracks will leak air) in walls and roof. An air permeability test, is a standard test at 50 PA of pressure whilst considering the overall volume of the building and metres squared. A high air permeability indicates high loss of heat through air leakage, as a consequence within building regulations there is a minimum air leakage figure allowed.

All this translates into Lissett Homes selecting the best available materials and appliances to heat our homes and a building built to the highest quality standards. As a minimum we offer the following specification

 Lisset Standard W/m2kBS3632 Standard W/m2kCurrent Building Reg
Doors & Windows1.2 (A Rated)1.60.16 (C Rated)
BoilerA BandNot SpecifiedBand B
Air Permeability<3m3 / hm2 (@50Pa)Not Specified<10m3 / hm2 (@50Pa)



Prices from £299 for 2 nights.